Buyer Feedback

I’ve been doing online shopping for a number of years and absolutely love it. I can do comparison shopping, spend time researching products and find the best deal all from the comfort of my own home any time of the day or night without hassling with crowds. For me, it was a revolution for me as a consumer.


One of the truly wondrous things to come out of online buying and selling is the feedback I can read from prior customers on a given product or seller. If the seller is poor, one would expect a lot of negative feedback, right? Not always, not necessarily.


This was brought home to me recently when for the first time ever, I ordered a CD and it never showed up. I waited a week, two weeks, three weeks for this Amazon reseller to send the thing before emailing them asking where my stuff was. At the same time, I had ordered a book from Amazon itself, and they moved the delivery date back and then back again. I canceled the order and ordered the same book through eBay for less money. I was frustrated with Amazon for service that has been getting slower and slower. And there’s no feedback for Amazon itself, so I began using the resellers with a lot of success. Stuff usually comes inside of a week, or 2 weeks for an import. Plus I can usually track it.


The case of the missing CD vexed me, and I emailed the reseller. They didn’t get back to me for another week. So I emailed again and they came back with a somewhat snarky reply saying the CD was already delivered and they had answered my first email. I emailed back and assured them that I had not gotten it and that they had not answered my first email. The came back with a tracking number from USPS showing it was delivered weeks ago, but the tracking number was totally different than the one they had sent with the initial confirmation and the one I had attempted to follow. I still had no CD, the reseller was being snarky and denied any responsibility whatsoever. Fair enough.


So I finally gave them negative feedback, which is another first for me. It was as negative as I could be, since I didn’t get the CD, they were not prompt in answering my email and really offered nothing. I would have accepted my money back, or the CD. But neither was offered…UNTIL they saw the negative feedback. Now they want to give me back my $5 in exchange for me removing the negative feedback. Thank goodness it was only $5, but it still was barely worth all the trouble.


They can keep the $5 and the negative feedback. They had boasted being a 5 star reseller, which they are definitely not. Everything else I ordered the same day from 4 different resellers was delivered promptly. But it did show me the flaw in the system. I think if it were more money, I would have done the dirty deal, thus they could keep their perfect record despite not being perfect.


I’m finding that I prefer doing business on eBay over Amazon, but I like Amazon’s product reviews. But as a company, their service seems to be eroding. I wish they would let themselves be rated like the resellers.

I hope I wasn’t too harsh on the one company, but I figure that’s what feedback is for. Hopefully people will find better companies to do business with.




2 Responses to “Buyer Feedback”

  1. therese Says:

    Most of my shopping I do online, and a decent portion of that from eBay. What I often do is go to Amazon to read customer reviews, and then search the auctions for the same product on ebay. That way you get the best of both worlds.

  2. Cat Says:

    I like to window shop online, bluefly being my favorite. But I can’t seem to get past the instant gratification of seeing the product and touching it. Funny enough I don’t like to try on things and rarely do. But I notorious for finding something I like and going back a few times until the price point is low enough.

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