The State of the Christian Church

This video is worth watching, definitely. It touches on some things I talked about over a year ago and what FTN touched on recently and then what XH and I argued about even more recently. I think we all might be able to agree with the fact that there is a huge disconnect with where the church is presently going (and where it has been going for quite some time).

I do not claim to have ant good answers here to this. I don’t think more splintering is the answer as much as the result of churchianity gone horribly wrong. I think the Holy Spirit has been banished and expelled from most churches in operation today. Too many people claim to have the answers, and all of the answers are contradictory to each other. It’s not even about denominational doctrine as much as about the fundamental nature of God. On one side is an evangelical hoard that claims almost nothing is essential and on the other side is a group who claims everything is essential.

The only way to purify our faith is the same way it was done in ancient times; through suffering. The world is in for it in our time. Hang on to your butts, because this ain’t no Tim LaHaye novel or Kirk Cameron movie.

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3 Responses to “The State of the Christian Church”

  1. therese Says:

    The only way to purify our faith is the same way it was done in ancient times; through suffering.

    Yeah. I agree. That was a big point of my recent post before the election. I thought that the point the video made about religion being some sort of therapeutic remedy for people’s problems was dead on.

  2. Desmond Jones Says:

    It seems to me that this is what you get from taking a ‘marketing’ approach to evangelism – in sales it’s all about giving people what they want. . .

    And re suffering, I’m sure you’re right. Mother Theresa was always fond of saying that there is no spiritual growth without suffering. And what’s being described in the video is a set of self-centered spiritual dwarfs.

    Thing is, if I’m honest with myself, I know that it’s easy enough for me to settle for self-centered spiritual dwarfism, too. Something about the rich man and the eye of a needle. . . And, in context of the whole world across all of human history, all Americans are ‘rich’. . .

  3. Digger Jones Says:

    Teah, Therese, it seems to even more true with the recent economy. People are streaming back to churches now that they are down and out economically. Thus the people are looking to God for a remedy when they have no idea of the tough medicine they have yet to swallow…true repentance!

    Yes, Desmond, pride does not fall so easily. I think 99% of our suffering is because we are having to put our own pride to death over and over and over again! The only cure for it is humility and the only way most of us can get truly humble is to truly be brought low! How can God be #1 when we are always exalting and elevating ourselves?!?

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