Moving on…More Stepmania!

That last post’s discussion was lovely but it began wearing thin as it was really wearing away at my own need for other-based validation.  It was “XH and ME” and the ensuing discussion was more about him than me which was fine for a minute.  Feel free to continue, but I’m moving on.

Sort of.

I saw this article about music to work out by and wondered what the favs were out there.  Suffice it to say, I probably haven’t heard anything put out after 1994, or if I have it has been by accident rather than design.

according to the article, the sweet spot for cardio is 120-140 BPM, which fits me nicely although I’m more 130-150 and up.  With Stepmania, I can actually run upward above 300 BPM but only for around 2 minutes at a time.

In the Stepmania stepmix contest, there are occasions where people submit songs with very low BPM and these are often extremely challenging because you are going against how a body naturally wants to move at those speeds.  And then there are some that will start out reasonable at 130 BPM and speed it up to 450 BPM.  Those are quite nasty.

So what are my favorite dance/workout tunes?  I’m on dial-up for at least another week, so I hope you appreciate the effort here!

1. Blast the Speakers – Warp Brothers This song at 142 BPM is right in there.  I have various versions of this one that I have made stepfiles for.  On this Youtube version, you aren’t even hearing half of it, as the second half of this song is even better.  Once he says “Blast the Speakers!” the pace really picks up!  I dare you to listen to this and not move.

2. Murderous – Nitzer Ebb  These guys were at it in the 80’s and they were so far ahead of their time that I’ve only discovered them recently.  And once I did, I’ve been groovin’! Great for seriously burning off frustration.  This song in particular, but be warned that it might offend more…er…religious sensibilities.   Good workout music but nutcases in RL. You have to remember that EBM music out of Europe in the 1980’s was full of angst and anger.  And these guys really did it well.  They’ll make the list again.  You’ve been warned.

3. Cheeseburger – Sanxion7 : Sanxion7 makes dance music that is very popular with the Stepmania crowd and this silly little song is a lovely example of a rocking step song.  It is is probably the one my kids like the best of all my Stepmania songs.   And who doesn’t like cheeseburgers? (You’ll find the Cheeseburger link on his page with other songs)

4. What is love? Reloaded 2003 – Haddoway This song is cool on so many levels.  I always liked it, and then it was ginned back up for “Night at the Roxbury.” Then I rediscovered it just this past year with the reloaded 2003 version which is a souped up version of the original (the original is seen in the link).  At 135 BPM the remix works well and with an extended version it really makes a sweaty mess.  Add some really astounding steps on the stepfile and it is a barn burner.  And now I have this hot video to watch, too, as sauce for the goose.

5. Genom Screams Virus RemixDM Ashura I’m having trouble finding links to the actual music, but real DDR freaks will know him and this song.  Yes, he does music for the real DDR game as well as for Stepmania.  At 150 BPM, this is one of his slower tunes!

6. Let Your Body Learn – Nitzer Ebb  Told you they’d be back.  They have several others that I like as well, but this one was easier to find on Youtube.

7. Popcorn: (EPO Melo mix) :This song was the first electronic synthesizer music to hit the pop charts in the U.S. in 1972.  And yes, I was there and remember hearing it on the school bus and thinking it was really cool. Since then, the song has been done and redone many, many times.  This one hits my sweet spot at around 135 BPM.  Finding my version has been daunting but go here and you can listen to clips of all of them.  What’s your favorite?

8. Klungkung 2004 – DM Ashura How did he get two in here?  Probably because this song and stepfile from the Stepmania 1 contest blew me away on level 1, which was a 3 footer.  I loved it, as it was fast and exhausting at 175 BPM.   But as a 5 footer, it is still the toughest song I play that is rated “light.”  Okay, the video isn’t much to look at, but it is an awesome song for a real cardio workout…if you can handle it.

9. How U Like Bass – Norman Bass My version has some potty-mouthed spoken stuff that I don’t  play around my kids, but I do have a version that I used Audacity to  splice out the bad/stupid dialogue.  At 140 BPM it just hits and splicing out the spoken parts (that just hack an otherwise good groove) makes it a better workout song.

10.  MAX Forever -DM Ashura I hate putting the same person in so many times, but this is my latest greatest song that is testing me on the step mat.  This one does change speeds and goes from 150 BPM (which is fast but reasonable) to an insane 300 BPM.  what makes this one even more challenging is that it is almost 6 minutes long.  Most DDR/Stepmania songs are right around 2 minutes and this is a marathon that seems to go FOREVER!  If it wasn’t such a good tune and as fun as it is, I would never bother.  In the video you see this fellow “challenging” himself by working this on the keyboard.  He’s working on a 9-foot level (I think) where I work it on the mat at a 7-foot level which is as low as this song goes.  It’s still crazy.  Scoring a ‘C’ on this thing is a major victory for me!

This list looks lamer than I intended, but it shows sort of where I’m at, cardio/music wise.

I’m sure some of you could assemble better lists with better-known artists.  It just so happens I’ve found it hard to find “regular” music that fits the 135-165 BPM pace that I like.  Many pop songs can hit at 120 BPM, but that seems very slow to me nowadays!

FYI, songs 1, 4, 7 & 9 can all be found on this album right here.



5 Responses to “Moving on…More Stepmania!”

  1. FTN Says:

    Is this where I’m supposed to go to argue about women in paid church-teaching positions?

  2. Digger Jones Says:

    Only if they are getting paid to dance while they teach.

  3. Therese Says:

    Oooh! You mean something like this? 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning Haddoway. I had to bust out my “Night at the Roxbury” soundtrack again.

  4. diggerjones Says:

    I was thinking more like something with a faster beat. And possibly a pole. Thanks, Therese for rescuing my mind from the gutter!


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